Independent physicians and operators of health practices

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The general perception of a physician is influenced by the idea of far-reaching independence, with available time devoted to patient welfare. However, physicians nowadays also have to face business and legal challenges. This can consume a considerable amount of time. You should rely on our legal advice when establishing a health practice of any description.

One focus of Stadler Völkel Attorneys at Law is the support of physicians, group practices and outpatient clinics. We provide advice on all aspects of the health area, including:

  • Establishing all types of health practice
  • Establishing and operating of outpatient clinics, particularly in connection with the demand examination (economic needs test)
  • Contracting with public health insurance companies
  • Planning of a succession into existing contracts with a public health insurance company
  • Questions regarding the billing of services with public health insurance companies
  • Questions regarding compliance with the advertising rules for physicians
  • Questions about the online platforms, particularly legal notice obligations
  • Resolution of disputes with public health insurance companies
  • Representation before authorities and system partners
  • Transfer of private practices, group practices or clinics
  • Advising and safeguarding against accusations of malpractice
  • Representation in court
  • Recovery of fees for services privately provided
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