Areas of law

STADLER VÖLKEL offer qualified advice in selected key areas of commercial law. Our approach is characterized by a focus on solving and avoiding legal risks. We take the time to get to know your business object. As a result, we offer customized solutions at the highest professional level. Stadler Völkel Rechtsanwälte stands for best quality, trust and professionalism.

Business focus

A special concern of Stadler Völkel Attorneys at Law is the focus of legal advice on specific industries. We attach great importance to precise knowledge of your line of business. In this way, we can offer you solutions that have already been tried and tested in practice. We focus in particular on the following industries:

We advise on all matters of corporate law and assist in the planning and implementation of corporate measures such as assignments, reorganizations, contributions or demergers. In addition, Stadler Völkel Rechtsanwälte focuses on drafting and negotiating joint venture agreements, syndicate agreements and agreements in connection with modern forms of financing such as seed capital agreements and business angel models.

STADLER VÖLKEL advise in all areas where credit and investment decisions have to be made. We provide support on both the borrower and the lender side. Questions regarding CRD IV and CRR-compliant capital adequacy are as much a part of our focus as the development of tailor-made capital instruments. We provide support in acquisition financing, banking regulatory issues, design of financial instruments, project financing and syndications.

European law permeates almost all domestic legal matters, so that in the area of public and private law, every matter must also be examined for relevance under European law. STADLER VÖLKEL have in-depth knowledge and many years of expertise in this area. Our range of services includes representation before EU courts and EU authorities, e.g. in preliminary ruling proceedings; representation and advice in EU state aid law, as well as in questions of EU competition law and EU fundamental freedoms.

We offer you our professional support in all matters of civil procedure law and in alternative dispute resolution. STADLER VÖLKEL provides comprehensive advice for the preparation and analysis of your case as well as the related legal issues. We will be happy to assist you in asserting your claims or likewise in defending them in a targeted manner. In addition to proceedings before the ordinary courts, this may mean that we also examine other solutions and implement them for you.

Our experts will advise you on the most effective steps to take and will draft complaints, motions, appeals or other pleadings for you. We will be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice. The focus of STADLER VÖLKEL is on tailor-made solutions in accordance with the legal system as well as your satisfaction.

STADLER VÖLKEL advise on all phases of real estate development and utilization. In addition to the acquisition of real estate, this includes drafting and negotiating financing agreements, planning and construction contracts, and lease agreements. Our expertise also extends to all forms of collateralization. Renovation projects, loft conversions and real estate transactions are also among our main areas of expertise.

Data protection and data protection law are increasingly gaining social and legal significance. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) ensures that 2018 will be a year that profoundly changes the way data is handled for data-processing companies. Among other things, all processing must be documented, information obligations must be complied with, and data-relevant processes must be reviewed. The legal requirements are numerous and burdensome, but implementing appropriate measures and mechanisms in compliance with data protection principles can significantly minimize liability risks and ultimately even lead to competitive advantages. We provide support in establishing compliance with data protection law and develop individual solutions together with our clients so that data protection does not become an obstacle for entrepreneurs. Our range of services also includes representation in data protection issues, advice on employee data protection and legal advice in the area of social media. Our credo also applies to data protection issues: we want to implement legal requirements as efficiently and practically as possible in the interest of our clients.

In the broadest sense, the term gambling law in the EU area covers both sports betting and the product areas of casino, poker, bingo, lotteries, scratch cards, slot machines, and many more. Sweepstakes, on the other hand, typically serve to generate attention for products or services or to obtain data from potentially interested customers. Under certain circumstances, however, lotteries can very quickly fall within the scope of strictly regulated or licensed gambling law. It is therefore advisable to subject all products and prize promises on all sales channels (stationary, online, mobile, social media channels, etc.) to close scrutiny. STADLER VÖLKEL not only represent and advise companies in the special matter of gambling and sweepstakes law, but also have in-depth knowledge and many years of expertise in this area.

Our clients are faced with the task of having to comply with an ever-increasing number of regulations under labor law. STADLER VÖLKEL therefore provides a wide range of advice on employment law and prepares you for these regulations.

From the preparation of contracts, documents and expert opinions to the planning and preparation of employment contracts or the ongoing supervision of your company's labor law issues, we have in-depth knowledge. We regularly advise on the drafting of contracts for executives or managing directors and also on corporate or social law issues.

One of the specialties of STADLER VÖLKEL is to advise you not only on the initiation but also on the termination of employment or service relationships and to represent you in court. We have a wealth of experience in litigation.

STADLER VÖLKEL also advises you in detail on questions of collective labor law and helps you, for example, to negotiate and legally securely conclude works agreements.

Our expertise in real estate law is ideally complemented by our extensive knowledge of landlord and tenant law. Our expertise covers both commercial and private tenancies. STADLER VÖLKEL further offers you expertise in the special laws governing tenancy.

We draft or review your lease agreements, represent you before arbitration boards, authorities or the ordinary courts in matters of tenancy or condominium law. Our expertise also extends to ancillary areas such as brokerage law.

We see ourselves as advisors and supporters, not shying away from disputes, but also explaining to you when it makes little sense to fight. You are also welcome to engage Stadler Völkel Attorneys at Law for a general or specific analysis of your existing legal situation or your legal options.

STADLER VÖLKEL have a special focus on capital markets law. We advise and assist issuers and transaction banks regarding both equity and debt instruments. We advise on due diligence and draft securities terms and issuance prospectuses. Our range of services includes bank and corporate bonds, citizen participation models, IPOs, capital increases and issuance programs (EMTN, MTN).

STADLER VÖLKEL provides advice and support on questions of legally compliant distribution of goods and services, on the legal framework of one's own market presence, and on distribution and sales structures. We help to make our clients' market presence as legally compliant as possible by providing strategic advice and concepts from a single source.

STADLER VÖLKEL advise on all issues of medical law, such as the establishment of medical centers, laboratories, medical liability law or dispute resolution in medical liability cases, including representation in criminal proceedings. We support hospitals in connection with the provisions of the respective state KAGs, including needs assessment procedures, extensions or relocations of operating facilities, the drafting of hospital regulations and standard documentation.

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