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In today's digitized world, cyber risk for companies is higher than ever before. Cyber warfare, ransom demands by cyber criminals, and increasing dependence on digital processes create a dangerous combination. Recognizing this, lawmakers are continuously enacting new regulations for cyber security.

In the event of a cyber incident, legal consequences and factual repercussions can occur. Business interruptions, unwanted data disclosures, and infrastructure damage can be not only costly but also existential threats. It is therefore crucial to be informed about current cyber risks, to know about typical risks and possible legal and factual consequences, and to consider the use of cyber insurance.

The webinar "Cyber-Crime - Pitfalls and Benefits of Cyber Insurance" will provide you with comprehensive insights into these topics and introduce the instrument of cyber insurance. Following that, the significance of cyber incidents will be analyzed, and potential pitfalls in the subscription and claims process will be outlined.

We warmly invite you to participate in the webinar and benefit from the expertise of Dr. Arthur Stadler and Christopher Drolz, LL.M. Register now and secure your spot (German only): https://www.handelsverband.at/akademie/webinar-cyber-crime/